corporate business leader | teacher | author | Musician | Vlogger

2018 sabc crown music awards winner

Bets newcomer | best community outreach artist

On a mission to reach SHARE REAL LIFE& preach it.


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A self-published African literature author, born and raised in the South African townships, Tsakane and Kwa-Thema. She is a dynamic woman, a writer paranormal romancefor teen and young adult romancewho loves addressing real human challenges in storytelling.


Her Top Fantasy book The Things She Remembered is  nonfiction best seller 2018 which saw her scooping two awards for the soundtrack to the book at the SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards. An Evangelist who preaches on practical messages giving people self-help tools.


Having seen many life experiences through her own life and those of others, the many tragedy not faced in her country of South Africa, but even worldwide.


Top her life as a woman, mother of two and wife. She is a sister to many and a true activist for God and the freedom that comes with Him for His people.


This is Gugulethu - on a mission to reach all and tell it all. 


Boasting a successful 17-years in corporate marketing as a business leader having been involved in trailblazing execution in some of South Africa's Top leading brands. She takes on a new chapter in her life as she expresses intimate parts of her life, her experiences with people, and powerful encounters with God. 


The Things She Remembered is her first published fiction best seller for 2018.




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